Connect Cornerstone and Automate Your Telehealth Workflow​

Our goal is to make your life easy. We worked directly with IDEXX and the Cornerstone product team to provide your practice with an optimized integration. From real-time data syncing to scheduling and medical record writeback, your daily workflow will not miss a beat.

Real-Time Data Sync

Anipanion reads and writes back client and patient data to & from Cornerstone. Your medical team will save time and reduce workflow bottlenecks—keeping them focused on providing the best care experience to your clients and their pets.

Medical Record Writeback

Anipanion will automatically write back the post-consult summary PDF to your patient’s medical record in Cornerstone. Chat transcripts, images, and videos will be hyperlinked in the post-consult summary PDF and saved as an attachment in the medical record.

Client Onboarding

Anipanion fetches all of your active client records and allows your medical or care teams to send frequent email blasts from the platform to mass-promote the service to all of your pet parents – This makes it incredibly quick and easy to get them onboard!

Your Colleagues Love Anipanion

Don’t take our word for it, hear it directly from other veterinarians on how Anipanion has helped their practice.

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1 Hour CE Credit

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1 Hour CE Credit

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0.5 Hours CE Credit

Telehealth in Clinical Workflows

This session examines common inefficient clinic workflows, including curbside, dropoff, and normal in-clinic appointments


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Anipanion is a secure, telehealth platform that helps veterinary teams optimize workflows through powerful communication tools like chat, video, auto-replies, short cuts, and much more.

Anipanion integrates with your PIMS and enables you to rapidly onboard your clients via email blast communication tools and ensures that all telehealth consults are written back to your patient’s medical records.

Anipanion provides you with flyers, email templates, voicemail and auto email reply scripts as well as a custom landing page to help promote the service to your clients.

Anipanion has a world-class support and training team that can always be reached out to via chat, phone or email. Our average response time is 10 minutes or less.

Schedule a demo with one of our telehealth experts so we can learn more about your practice operations and help you provide the best health outcomes for your clients and patients.

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