Utilizing Veterinary Technicians for Telemedicine Rechecks

Utilizing Veterinary Technicians for Telemedicine Rechecks

Veterinary technicians are a highly skilled asset to any hospital or clinic setting. Their education and expertise can be utilized in many ways through tele-triage, virtual rechecks, and tele-communication with clients. These communications can occur through live video or asynchronous chat. New wearable devices for dogs and cats can also aid in tele-recheck appointments. Emerging technology is discovering ways to measure pet temperature, pulse, respiration, activity, and even eating and drinking patterns.


Recheck Categories


  • Post-surgical
    • The technician to assess incision health and healing, overall patient wellbeing
    • Evaluate incision for signs of infection, delayed healing, excess bleeding, discharge
  • Musculoskeletal and lameness
    • Has the lameness improved?
    • Is the client compliant with treatment?
    • Is the patient’s pain being managed?
  • Dermatological
    • Have the lesions improved, stayed the same, or worsened?
    • Is the patient more comfortable, less itchy?
  • Gastrointestinal
    • Has the vomiting/diarrhea improved?
    • Any appetite changes?
    • Is the patient drinking appropriately?
    • Is the patient taking medications well?
    • Has the energy level changed?
  • Behavioral
    • Any improvement of symptoms, or no change, or worsened?
  • Rehabilitation
    • Any improvement of symptoms, no change, or worsened?
    • Client compliance- are recommended exercises being performed properly?
    • Assess the overall disposition of the pet
  • Urinary
    • How is the color of the urine?
    • Is there improvement in frequency of urination?
    • Any straining to urinate, licking of genitals, or other symptoms?
  • Reproductive (Post-birth)
    • How is the mother?
      • Lactating, eating, drinking, lochia
    • Are neonates nursing appropriately?
    • Is the umbilicus appearance normal?


Patient pictures, videos, and info from wearable devices can be imported at the technician tele-recheck appointment. Once the technician has collected information about the patient, they may decide that no veterinary care is needed further (like for simple spay/neuter rechecks with no concerns) or this information can be relayed to the veterinarian for potential diagnosis, treatment modification, and further recheck appointments or more intensive care.


Speciality veterinary practices can also benefit from virtual technician rechecks. Oncology, dermatology, internal medicine, surgery, cardiology, and behavior veterinary specialties can utilize their skilled vet technicians to track patient progress, answer pet parent questions, and provide valuable client and patient information to the veterinarian to ensure high quality patient care.

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